Exchange & Information

Exchange Companies

There are three main vacation exchange organisations that offer timeshare owners the possibility to exchange their home resort weeks or points; these are RCI, Interval International and Dial-an-Exchange:

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  • RCI logo
  • RCIventures logo
  • dial logo

Consumer Information

There are numerous websites which offer information and advice to consumers regarding the different Vacation Ownership products that are available to consumers. To help orientate you in your research on Vacation Ownership, we suggest you visit the following websites which contain ample information on the different types of products available, together with useful advice to new and existing owners and members.

Vacation Ownership Help & Advice

For more information or advice about the various forms of Vacation Ownership, there are three main organisations you can refer to:

  • For resorts and Clubs in the EU, please contact RDO or TATOC
  • For resorts in North America, please contact ARDA
  • For resorts in Asia, please contact TVOA

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