Selling Your Timeshare

Hutchinson does not operate a resale department. Please contact for further information regarding resale and for details of specialist resale companies. We suggest that you contact several companies for comparative purposes and request a copy of their terms and conditions, prior to placing your week(s) or points for sale. Below are details of the administration procedure for reselling or transferring your week(s). This information is applicable if you are selling through a resale company, selling your week privately or transferring ownership to another person(s), and applies only to resorts/clubs, which are in trust with Hutchinson Please click here to see a list of resorts for which Hutchinson has been appointed Trustee.

Resale or Transfer of Ownership Instructions

Conditions of Sale

Before placing your week(s) or points for resale it is important that the original ownership documentation (certificate) is complete and available, annual fees have been paid and any further banking or deposit with exchange organisations is made known to the resale company or purchaser. You may not transfer or resell your ownership unless ALL annual fees are paid up to date. If your week is for sale, you are still responsible for the annual fees until such time as the certificate is transferred to the new owners. If any fees are outstanding, the new ownership certificate cannot be issued. Non-payment of maintenance fees is a breach of contract and means that your ownership is liable for repossession.

How to Sell

Once a purchaser has been found, the "Form of Surrender and Request for Transfer" printed on the reverse of your certificate must be completed in full and signed by all parties. If this is not on the reverse of your certificate, please email requesting a transfer form. Please note that we will need your full name, address, certificate number and resort details in order to fulfil this request.

The original surrender certificate and the transfer form, if a separate document, should be returned to Hutchinson. in order that transfer of ownership in the form of a new certificate can be issued in the name of the new owner(s).

Cost of Selling

Please contact us for the current fees at This fee is for amending our database records, notifying the Resort and Management Company and reissuing a certificate in the new owner(s) name(s). This fee may be paid by cheque or credit card made payable to Hutchinson Trust Company Ltd. (Details available on request).

Many of the resorts will also impose an administration charge for a transfer of ownership. Please contact your resort directly for full current details of their fees, which must be paid prior to the issuance of the certificate(s) to the new owner(s).

Exchange Companies

Membership to an exchange company, such as RCI or Interval International, is not linked to the resale or transfer of the certificate. It is the new owners' responsibility to contact the relevant exchange company, if they so wish, once they have received their ownership certificate, to obtain membership.


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